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Jul • 28 • 2015

The Important Role of Volunteers in Today's Hospitals

Volunteers play an important role in today's hospitals. They help the hospital run smoothly, and allow doctors and nurses to spend their time focusing on providing the best healthcare for their...

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Jul • 23 • 2015

How Hospitals Deal with Infection Rates

The rates of Hospital acquired infections are declining, but still happen from time to time. The goal is to eliminate hospital acquired infections altogether.

More work is needed to protect patients...

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Jul • 21 • 2015

Top Careers in the Healthcare Industry

Maybe you are contemplating a mid-life career change, or maybe you are sending a student off to college this fall. There are some big decisions to be made about which career is right for you and your...

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Jul • 16 • 2015

Pool Safety: Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Around the Pool

As summer warms up (and for us Hoosiers, we're hoping it dries up, too!), you will likely be spending more time at the pool with your kids. Swimming pools and other water activities can be a lot of...

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Jul • 2 • 2015

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Having Sex During Pregnancy (But Were Afraid to Ask)

You have to have sex to get pregnant, but what about after you are already pregnant? Is it OK? Will it hurt the baby? Is there a time when it's not OK? Are there certain things I should know before...

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Jun • 18 • 2015

Take Care of Dad: Men's Health and Screenings

Besides Father's Day, June is also Men's Health Month. This month is the perfect time to encourage men to get checked. Regular checkups and screenings play an important role in early detection and...

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Jun • 11 • 2015

Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian: What's the Difference?

Are you planning to start a new weight loss routine? Have you been trying to lose weight with no progress? Do you want to boost your sports performance? Or do you just want to be more knowledgable...

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Jun • 2 • 2015

The Most Common Causes of Knee Pain While Running (And What To Do About It)

This year, National Running Day will mark its sixth anniversary on June 3rd. Tomorrow, runners of all skill levels will come together to celebrate their love of the sport.

Ideally something as good...

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May • 28 • 2015

Where to Find Classy Maternity Swimwear

With Memorial Day just around the corner, the pools will soon be open for business! If you're pregnant and looking for the perfect swimsuit, you may have a few questions about what to wear.


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May • 26 • 2015

What Are My Surgical and Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options?

With summer quickly approaching, you may be looking for weight loss options. Whether you just want to drop a few pounds, or you have much more than a few to lose, you are not alone!

Nearly a third of...

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May • 21 • 2015

Temptation Bundling: 5 Fun Workouts to Do While You Watch Television

Do you have things you know you should do, but lack motivation to actually do them? You know you should exercise, but never seem to find the time.

You know you should eat better, but can't pass up...

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May • 19 • 2015

Review of the Best Weight Loss Apps of 2015

Most people make a new years resolution to get into shape or lose a couple extra pounds. Some people give up on that resolution by the middle of February. Now that summer is quickly approaching, you...

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