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May • 30 • 2019

How to Prepare for Orthopedic Surgery

Surgery isn’t easy. For some, it’s especially anxiety provoking— but it doesn’t have to be.

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Nov • 17 • 2016

Questions to Ask Before Having Surgery

Having surgery, unless it involves an emergency or is life-threatening, is a significant decision.

Today’s surgical procedures are remarkably safer and allow for much quicker recovery. However,...

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Nov • 10 • 2016

How To Help Yourself Heal After Surgery

Surgery can fix lots of health issues – from removing a bad gallbladder to repairing a torn muscle. An operation, however, is only the first step in making you feel and function better.

The body is...

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Jun • 13 • 2016

Life After Gastric Bypass Depends on You

Deciding to have gastric bypass surgery is complicated - requiring the full consideration of its risks and benefits.

Equally important, before going forward, is understanding what happens and what is...

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Aug • 13 • 2015

Recovery Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery

Many surgeries today can be minimally invasive, or done with laparoscopic methods. There are many benefits to this type of procedure which is why many surgeons choose this method over a more...

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Jul • 23 • 2015

How Hospitals Deal with Infection Rates

The rates of Hospital acquired infections are declining, but still happen from time to time. The goal is to eliminate hospital acquired infections altogether.

More work is needed to protect patients...

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