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Why Women Need Comprehensive Services Before and After Childbirth

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Aug 27, 2015

At Johnson Memorial, we believe in compassionate, comprehensive care for all of our patients. We care for the whole patient, not just the medical need for which we are seeing them. In providing this comprehensive care, we have a state of the art Maternity Care Center. We also make sure our expectant and new mothers have the resources they need to have the best experience possible. Johnson Memorial's Women's Health Specialists value personal relationships with patients and want you to feel cared for at all times. 


What is Comprehensive Care?

Comprehensive care is an approach that cares for the whole patient and all her needs. Comprehensive care uses the services of other medical professionals to care for patients mentally, physically, and medically. The healthcare providers team up to provide the best care possible.

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Examples of Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive care can look different for each patient depending on her needs. Our goal is to provide compassionate, comprehensive care to all patients no matter what their need may be. Some examples of comprehensive care include:

  • Medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Monitoring physical, emotional, and social well-being
  • Hands-on support during labor and delivery
  • Postpartum support
  • Referral to local resources to make sure basic needs are met
  • Patient and family education programs and resources; Below are some of the educational resources regarding childbirth that are available at Johnson Memorial

Why is Comprehensive Care Important?

Finding out that you are expecting can be a very exciting time in your life. It can also be a scary time, especially if it is a high-risk pregnancy or complications are anticipated. With a focus on comprehensive care, we are able to ease the fears for women with normal pregnancies and those who are at greater risk. A variety of complications can occur, even during a normal pregnancy. Complications can include bleeding, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes among other things. Childbirth and pregnancy education will help ease a lot of these fears, but teaming up with a mental health facilitator might be necessary. Preparing and caring for patients mentally, physically, and medically is what comprehensive care is all about. 

After childbirth, providing comprehensive care means we are still here to help you. We understand that your journey is not over as soon as you give birth. Many women have questions and medical or emotional issues that arise and should feel comfortable asking as many questions as needed. Since the comprehensive care approach covers emotional, physical, and medical services, you should feel fully cared for. You always have someone to talk to about your concern.

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