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Jul • 12 • 2024

Heel Pain? It Might be Plantar Fasciitis

"My heel is killing me!" is without a doubt one of the most common sentences uttered in podiatry offices worldwide. Heel pain can range from slightly uncomfortable to utterly debilitating. Most...

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Jul • 12 • 2024

You Sprained Your Ankle — Now What?

You step off a sidewalk curb, land wrong after shooting a basketball or stumble on uneven ground. Your ankle pops, twists or crunches, and now you're limping and sore. You may just have sprained your...

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Jul • 8 • 2024

Be Sun Savvy, Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause skin damage in as little as 15 minutes. Prolonged exposure and damage can lead to various forms ofskin cancer, many of which, thankfully, are preventable.

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Jul • 2 • 2024

How to Stay Hydrated Over the Summer

Staying hydrated during the warm summer months is an important part of enjoying the season. Whether your plans include more walks or bicycle rides, soaking up the sun, or taking that long-awaited...

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Jun • 17 • 2024

When Temps Rise, Remember These Heatstroke Prevention Tips

Time outdoors is time well spent throughout the year, but it's especially enjoyable during the summer. Hiking, fishing, boating and other warm-weather activities can renew your appreciation for...

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