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5 Ways to Help Those Serving on the Front Lines of Pandemic

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Aug 3, 2020

Thank You Johnson Memorial HealthThey are on the front lines of a war.

Healthcare providers, first responders and essential workers leave their homes each day to serve others impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. They are treating patients suffering from the disease, answering 911s call or gathering and delivering groceries.

They put themselves in danger of exposure because that’s what they do – and because they also have to provide for their families.

Their dedication has been one of the remarkable stories during this pandemic. Some have become sick from the virus. Others have stayed away from their families to avoid spreading it. Others have given their lives.

Without question, we owe them our sincerest gratitude. Because most of us are self-isolated in our homes, we wonder how to show our appreciation.

Several nonprofits, companies and churches have partnered with local restaurants to provide meals for hospital staffs, firefighters, police officers and others. That helps ease the burden of staying well-fed while working their challenging shifts.

It is important that you contact the hospital, fire station, police department or essential workplace first to see if they are able to accept the food and the best time for delivery. They likely have specific policies on contributions.

How, though, can you help in the long term – since this will be a long battle? Here are five ideas:

Donate to the Johnson Memorial Hospital Foundation COVID-19 Fund

Contributions help patients, families and caregivers at Johnson Memorial Health during this time of unprecedented challenges. Your support will assist with supplies, equipment and program needs related to COVID-19. You can donate securely online with a credit card by clicking on the link below. If you prefer to pay by check, mail to JMH Foundation 1125 W. Jefferson St, Franklin, IN 46131.


Support the Johnson Community Foundation Emergency Response Fund

This fund was created to provide financial assistance to local nonprofits working to address needs during this time. JCCF will provide grants to local organizations on a rolling basis and adapt to changing circumstances from acute immediate needs to longer-term recovery efforts. JCCF has proactively identified additional resources to fund COVID-19 recovery efforts over the next several months. 


Offer to help a servant you know.

Do you know a healthcare provider, police officer or paramedic who has been working long hours dealing with the COVID-19 fallout? It’s possible they have been unable to get all of their grocery shopping completed because of their work schedules and the time restrictions in place with some stores. You could reach out to them and see if you can assist with ordering their much-needed personal supplies for themselves and their families and have them delivered. You also could make arrangements to have dinner from a local restaurant sent to their home.

Show your support on online.

These frontline heroes are not looking for recognition. A kind word, though, makes them feel better knowing their community cares and appreciates their contributions. If you follow them on Facebook, tag them with a special message. If you follow Johnson Memorial Health, local fire and police departments or grocery stores online, post a thank you message. When asked to fill out a customer survey after picking up your online grocery order, respond with positive remarks. It makes a big difference.

Stay home.

As Americans, we want to help when crisis hits. We want to gather and pitch in with our hands and our hearts. One of the most important things you can do is simply stay home and practice social distancing. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends staying at home as much as possible and practice social distancing helps flatten the curve and minimizes the spread. This means less stress on the entire health system and those dealing with the outbreak.

We thank our providers and staff at Johnson Memorial Health for your work during this very difficult time. We appreciate our first responders and all essential workers in our community. You are serving with professionalism, resiliency and conviction. We are proud of you.

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