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Prenatal Tests Help Take Care of You and Baby

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Jul 19, 2017 9:45:24 AM

Learning that you are expecting is exciting. The anticipation of caring for a precious baby makes you happy.

Remember, though, your pregnancy is a wellness journey that requires constant attention. Taking care of yourself is the best way of taking care of your baby. To help your doctor and other healthcare providers know what’s happening, you should undergo prenatal testing.

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Stay Cool During Your Summer Pregnancy

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Jun 20, 2017 10:01:41 PM

Summer means fun in the sun, frolicking in a pool and eating hot dogs and potato salad at family picnics – unless you are pregnant.

When expecting, you need to take precautions with your health - no matter the time of year. During the summer months, though, you need to be extra careful. Heat and humidity can cause additional stress on you and your baby.

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How to Deal With High Risk Pregnancies

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Jun 14, 2017 2:07:38 PM

Before picking out names or decorating a nursery, you need to consider the health of you and your baby before you become pregnant.

According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, up to 10 percent of pregnancies in the United States can be considered high risk.

A preconception evaluation can help your doctor determine if you could have a High Risk Pregnancy – a condition with the potential to cause health issues or even death for the mother and/or child.

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Answers to Common Questions About Cesarean Delivery

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on May 31, 2017 12:31:26 PM

As your baby is ready for arrival, your doctor may have to deliver him or her by cesarean section.

Also known as a C-section, this surgical procedure might be necessary if the baby is large or descending breech; the cervix is not opening enough; or there are health complications with either the baby or mother.

The decision to deliver by C-section also might be precipitated by an emergency.

Here are some answers to questions you might have about the procedure, provided by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

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Your Baby's Business Begins With Insurance

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Jul 25, 2016 4:05:10 PM

When a new baby arrives, events happen at warp speed. You function on adrenaline - from the birth to the onslaught of visitors to the final preparations for the trip home.

In all of the excitement, though, it is important that you take a moment and tend to some important business -- like adding your new child to your health insurance plan.

You shouldn't assume your insurer knows that your bundle of joy has arrived - and needs to be enrolled on your plan.

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10 Tips for Increasing Breastmilk Supply

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Dec 24, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Most women know the importance of breastfeeding, yet we realize the challenges and understand that not all women will be able to breastfeed their infants.

Breast milk contains just the right amount of nutrients your baby needs to grow and thrive. It's easier to digest than formula and it contains antibodies that will help build up your baby's immune system. Breastfeeding can be challenging. Maintaining milk supply is important for your baby's health and growth. If you are concerned about low milk supply, contact your doctor or a lactation specialist.

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What Are My Permanent Birth Control Options?

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Nov 19, 2015 9:00:00 AM

How many children do you want to have? That is a question we are asked from an early age and especially leading up to marriage. The decision is very personal; perhaps you may choose to not have children at all, or you may have health concerns that influence your decision. 

Whatever your circumstances may be, at some point you and your partner may be wondering if there are permanent birth control options available. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that permanent birth control is the second most common method of birth control used today.

According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of HealthyWomen, many women do not know their permanent birth control options and haven't discussed their options with their Women's Health Specialist.

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Understanding and Dealing with Postpartum Depression

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Mar 17, 2015 10:30:00 AM

The birth of a baby is a very exciting time. You may be overcome with joy. You may be nervous about the road ahead. You may also feel something you didn’t expect -- Depression.

Postpartum depression is a type of depression that some women get after giving birth. This isn’t just the baby blues, or anxiety about the future which usually subsides within a couple of weeks after giving birth. Postpartum depression is more serious and should not be brushed off.

What is the difference between baby blues and depression?

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A Roadmap of the Three Trimesters of Pregnancy

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Mar 12, 2015 6:30:00 AM

Whether you are expecting for the first time or you have already been down that road before, you might want a roadmap for the journey. It’s one of the most joyous times in your life, and pregnancy can also be one of the most confusing times in your life. Everyone you know will suddenly be talking about their own pregnancy stories, or their friend’s aunt who is two weeks overdue. Along with all the advice and stories, you'll probably hear some technical jargon. It’s enough to make your head spin.

It’s good to know as much as you can about your baby’s development. You will also want to have a good grasp on what is happening to your own body.

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3 Ways to Calculate Your Baby's Due Date

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Mar 10, 2015 6:30:00 AM

You have just found out that you’re pregnant. First off, congratulations! What an exciting time. One of the first questions you likely have is "When will this new addition make an appearance?"

You know in general that the big day will come in about nine months ... or will it?

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