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The Basics of Building a Tasty Nutritious Smoothie

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Apr 21, 2015

Smoothies are are great way to get a quick dose of vitamins and minerals. They are a great choice for a healthy breakfast, snack, or post-workout boost because they are so quick, easy, and nutritious.

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Healthy Recipes Using Farmers Market Finds

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Apr 16, 2015

The farmers market is a great place to find the freshest sweet corn, the reddest, ripest tomatoes and the most fragrant, flavorful strawberries. Taste heirloom vegetables and fruits and sample hard-to-find foods like morel mushrooms and white peaches.

Many vendors offer recipes and cooking tips. Some sell house-made jams and hearth-baked breads, free-range chickens and fresh eggs, and local honey.

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How Heart Healthy Is Your Diet? [Quiz]

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Mar 31, 2015

It's the last day for National Nutrition Month. This year’s theme is “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle.” If you've been following the blog, you'll know we've been focusing on heart healthy diets this month. Ready to test your knowledge?

Take our fun, 10-question quiz to find out how your diet measures up!  

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6 Ways to Eat Healthier At Work for National Nutrition Month

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Mar 24, 2015

This is a guest post from Stephanie Fisher at SpinWeb, an Indianapolis-based digital agency. We enjoyed this article and they gave us permission to repost it here on our blog. Enjoy!


March is National Nutrition Month so it is time to put away those Twinkies, cookies, chips and other fatty snacks. Hide them way toward the back of your desk drawer or just throw them out right now. Out of sight, out of mind.

I do enjoy nutritious food, but as a desk jockey and slave to my computer, I know how hard it is to make good choices throughout the day at work; especially when you work in an office environment where treats and parties may abound. 

You can turn over a new leaf this March by following the tips below. Hopefully, these new behaviors will become habits and you'll eat healthy through the rest of the year.

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Topics: Nutrition, Weight Loss, Wellness