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A Roadmap of the Three Trimesters of Pregnancy

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Mar 12, 2015

Whether you are expecting for the first time or you have already been down that road before, you might want a roadmap for the journey. It’s one of the most joyous times in your life, and pregnancy can also be one of the most confusing times in your life. Everyone you know will suddenly be talking about their own pregnancy stories, or their friend’s aunt who is two weeks overdue. Along with all the advice and stories, you'll probably hear some technical jargon. It’s enough to make your head spin.

It’s good to know as much as you can about your baby’s development. You will also want to have a good grasp on what is happening to your own body.

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3 Ways to Calculate Your Baby's Due Date

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Mar 10, 2015

You have just found out that you’re pregnant. First off, congratulations! What an exciting time. One of the first questions you likely have is "When will this new addition make an appearance?"

You know in general that the big day will come in about nine months ... or will it?

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An Expectant Mother's Guide to Maternity Clothes

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Mar 5, 2015

Those fast forty weeks leading up to the birth of your new baby are thrilling times. There are challenges and rewards, time spent getting ready for your new baby, new emotions, new baby things, and new clothes for mom!

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6 Common Symptoms of Pregnancy and How to Get Relief

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Feb 24, 2015

Every pregnancy is different because every woman's body is unique. This means symptoms will vary from person to person.


Your experience is unique, but there are common symptoms that women share. Your pregnancy might include all of them, just a few, or maybe none at all. Learning about your baby, your body, and what to expect is the first step to a happy and healthy 9 months.

Here are some common symptoms of pregnancy and tips for getting relief along the way:

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5 Different Types of Childbirth and Delivery Methods You Should Know

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Jan 15, 2015

Few things in life are more exciting than the birth of a new baby. This has been the case throughout human history, but childbirth options for new mothers have advanced to make the experience more safe.


Since 1900, trends have changed dramatically with the increase of technology and modern medical practices. For instance, in 1900 almost all U.S. births occurred outside a hospital. But by 1940, more than half of births were taking place in hospitals. The trend continued exponentially and by 1969 only 1% of births occured outside a hospital.

Medical technology has made childbirth a much safer experience over the past century for both mother and baby. Hospitals have responded to trends in childbirth, such as the need for a more home-like environment in the hospital. Many hospitals now offer comfortable maternity suites that convert into state of the art delivery rooms.

An easy birth and a perfectly executed birth plan is ideal. But we know that even the most carefully planned birth can take twists and turns. In those cases, it's important to be prepared for alternative delivery methods. 

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