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Mammogram Myths: 5 Common Misunderstandings

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Sep 20, 2020

Despite decades of public health awareness about the importance of mammograms, many women are still resistant to getting them. Fear and opposition may be due to persistent myths about mammograms.

Let’s separate myth from reality. Here are five common misunderstandings and the true facts behind them.

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Topics: Mammogram, Imaging, Cancer

Bone Density Testing: Why It's Important for Women's Health

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Apr 14, 2015

Johnson Memorial offers bone density testing to detect the risk of osteoporosis. Women are at risk of developing osteoporosis.

People used to think that osteoporosis was an inevitable part of aging. Today, we know a lot more about how to prevent, detect and treat the disease. You are never too young or too old to take care of your bones.

Good lifestyle habits can help you protect your bones and decrease your chance of getting osteoporosis. If your healthcare provider has not talked to you about your bone health, it’s time for you to bring it up! 

Early detection is one of the best ways to prevent the debilitating effects of osteoporosis.

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How to Prepare for a CAT Scan

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Apr 7, 2015

If your doctor has ordered a CAT scan for you, you likely have many questions about the procedure. What is a CAT Scan and what should I expect? What will it feel like? How do I prepare for the test?

In this post, we answer those questions so you can feel more comfortable on the day of your test.

Let's begin by reviewing the facilities and services at Johnson Memorial Health, then we'll move on to general information about the CAT Scan.

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