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Tips for Keeping Your High School Athlete Hydrated and Healthy

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Jun 9, 2019

The fall sports season at local Johnson County high schools is near, and it's time to think about keeping your young athlete healthy and hydrated in the late summer heat and beyond. While coaches are educated in helping your kids stay healthy, they aren't following behind them adding up their fluid intake and clocking the number of hours they sleep.

Here are some helpful tips to keeping your student athletes in top shape so they can perform their best!

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Topics: Sports, Health Care

How to Shoulder On Through Your Pain

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Jun 5, 2019

Shoulder injuries happen easier than you might think and they can be painful!

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Topics: Orthopedic, Sports Medicine

Nutritional Planning for Your High School Athlete

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Jun 1, 2019

If you are the parent of a high school student, then you likely know how ravenous they can be at times. While they may want to go straight for a bag of potato chips or bottle of soda, proper nutrition is invaluable to their growth and performance as an athlete. Ensuring a proper balance of nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats) is essential to overall health, muscle development and performance. To make sure your athlete is getting the nutrition that they need, proper planning is key.

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How to Prepare for Orthopedic Surgery

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on May 30, 2019

Surgery isn’t easy. For some, it’s especially anxiety provoking— but it doesn’t have to be.

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The Truth About Menopause

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Apr 15, 2019

Menopause is a far-off event for much of a woman’s life, something we easily brush aside in the face of more immediate concerns related to our reproductive ability. Then, one day, after we’ve been too hot, too forgetful, or too uninterested in sex for too long, we’re struck by a thought:

Am I in menopause?”

How do you know if you’re menopausal? Will you know when it’s over? Are you destined to sweat every night for the rest of your life?

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5 Reasons Why Pelvic Health Is Important For Women

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Apr 14, 2019

First things first: Do you know where your pelvis is? Your pelvis is located between your abdomen and your legs.

Your pelvic floor is made up of muscles and tissue between the bony parts of your pelvis. The pelvic floor is responsible for supporting the function of urination, bowel movements, sex and pregnancy and delivery. It also keeps the bladder, intestines and reproductive organs in place.

Sounds important, right? You’re absolutely right. Taking care of your pelvic health can be done in multiple ways. It is important to see your OB/GYN once a year for an exam and lab work. Making sure you maintain a healthy weight is also important. If you are overweight, more pressure is put on the pelvic floor, straining the muscles and tissue that keep everything in place.

Here are five reasons why pelvic health is so important for women.

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Topics: Women's Health

That Pelvic Pain Could Be Endometriosis

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Apr 3, 2019

When you feel pain, your body is sending a signal – usually indicating something is not right.

When women feel pain in their pelvic area, they should heed the warning and see a doctor. One of the most common causes, Endometriosis, needs attention.

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Topics: Women's Health

Safety Tips When Taking Small Kids on Spring Break Trips

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Mar 18, 2019

Southern destinations aren't just for college students blowing off a little steam this time of year.

Spring Break also is a blast for families trying to get a little time together at the beach or visiting cartoon characters. Spring vacations make memories that parents and their kids will cherish for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, accidents or illness can curtail the fun. It's a downer for everyone when you have to make a trip to the local Emergency Room.

To make certain your Spring Break vacation is a safe one, it's good to take a few precautions. Here are a few tips when traveling with small children:

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Topics: Travel, Children, Safety

Coming Back from an Exercise Injury or a Long Break From Working Out

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Mar 12, 2019

Summer is here. Maybe you took an exercise hiatus during the winter and are thinking about getting back into your routine soon. Or maybe you haven’t exercised in a year or two because your initial winter hiatus two years ago never quite ended. Maybe you took a long break from working out not because of the cold weather, but because of an injury.

No matter your situation, we have 9 tips to help make your transition back to exercising safe and effective.

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Topics: Exercise

Preparing to Exercise Outside in All Kinds of Weather

Posted by Johnson Memorial Health on Mar 12, 2019

You love your exercise routine. You feel physically, mentally, and emotionally better when you make time every week, or even every day, to exercise. One of the things that can throw a monkey wrench into your routine is the weather.

When temperatures are extreme--either unbearably hot or bitterly cold, or it’s raining, snowing, or really windy, it’s understandable that you’d prefer to stay indoors, while also be annoyed at not being able to get outside. We have some suggestions to help you exercise safely in all kinds of weather.

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